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UX Design

CommuTree is social networking platform that allows you to create your Family Tree and connect with your Samaj (community). This mobile application platform was introduced in 2010 for majorly Gujratis, which today has been expanded in more than 500 communities .It has not been changed in terms of structures, visual identity and user interface since then.  A lot of new features have been added and looking at the amount of users it is attracting day by day there was a need to revamp the app. There are a lot of post about Matrimony, items to be sold, property, jobs, education,etc.The traffic can be segregated into different sections which will make it a lot easier for people to access what they are looking for and also give more precision for people with similar interests. And hence there was a suggestion to have 3 sections in the app. And User interface was designed for CommuVyapar- Sub section in the app 'CommuTree'

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